Asset Management

CONFIDUM’s expertise

CONFIDUM has a broad range of experience in the asset management industry, ranging from strategic positioning issues, through marketing and value-added strategies, to operational topics such as improving productivity and business direction.

CONFIDUM also has its own internal team working on the design of innovative asset management concepts. Our clients include leading fund managers, investment boutiques and the portfolio management departments of leading private banking providers.
We are happy to provide you with detailed references.

CONFIDUM’s services

Overview of our principal services:

  • strategic positioning
  • strategic reorientation
  • target group and product positioning
  • market potential and market penetration strategies
  • pricing and product models
  • value-added structure and optimising outsourcing concepts
  • selecting outsourcing partners
  • M&A management and support

Operational excellence

  • improving productivity at every stage of the value added chain
  • the financial control system and implementing key performance / key cost indicators

Product development

  • innovative asset management concepts