Commercial Banking

CONFIDUM’s expertise

In the commercial banking sector, CONFIDUM has a solid range of experience in the German-speaking core markets. Alongside fundamental strategic topics, most of CONFIDUM’s mandates involve optimising sales, processes and organisation. Our clients range from small regional banks with a traditional SME client structure right up to globally active major banks.

CONFIDUM’s services

Overview of our principal services:

  • strategic positioning
  • reorientation of the business model towards a specific segment
  • strategies for expansion into new client groups and markets
  • innovative advice and products
  • pricing strategies and models
  • optimising group structures and strategies
  • weighting client business against treasury business
  • merger and consolidation management

Operational excellence

  • restructuring marketing procedures and optimising touch time
  • optimising/restructuring back office and staff areas incl. processes
  • outsourcing/insourcing
  • optimising equity investment
  • financial control and incentivising systems