Private Banking

Overall context and requirements

Following years of rising profits, the private banking sector is facing its greatest challenge to date. The financial crisis has radically affected most banks and their clients. Obscure products, poor performance and substantial losses have not only brought high levels of uncertainty to the high net worth clients of many banks, they have deeply angered them. Increasingly more clients are questioning the added value of their client relationship with the formerly highly reputable private banks, and as a result their willingness to put alternatives to the test is greater than ever before. However, despite this unprecedented about-turn, there has been virtually no reaction from many areas of the industry, so that banks are stubbornly retaining the same products, pricing models and business direction systems.

A bank that is prepared to innovatively and intelligently reposition itself in the current scenario will be set to achieve extraordinary growth over the coming years, to the clear detriment of those banks who doggedly hang on to traditional concepts and business models. This offers regional banks in particular a unique opportunity to sustainably position themselves in this segment and to make the most of new potential for growth. Importantly, they need to foster close collaboration with corporate client business alongside a clear private banking profile.

CONFIDUM’s expertise

Private banking has pride of place within CONFIDUM’s portfolio of services.
Our advice is founded on our extensive experience and sound market and specialist expertise in international offshore and onshore private banking and on our detailed knowledge of the main features of the leading European and international locations and markets. Our clients include both traditional private banks and regional banks, and also the private banking divisions of major banks.
We are happy to provide detailed references on request.

CONFIDUM’s services

Overview of our principal services:

  • growth and innovation strategies
  • the establishment of private banking within regional banks
  • strategies for expansion into new markets and client groups
  • innovative product and pricing strategies
  • repositioning the market portfolio
  • merger and consolidation management

Operational excellence

  • quality measurement and optimisation at all stages of the consultancy process
  • optimising touch times/improving consultancy productivity
  • optimising processes and back office procedures
  • reviewing outsourcing strategies
  • financial control and incentivising systems